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New York Teachers Continuing Education is your resource to find information about continuing education courses for educators, workshops, and conferences for teachers and education professionals in New York. You will find a comprehensive listing of teacher workshops, conferences, and courses that offer continuing education units and graduate credits, so you will not have to spend countless hours searching the web to find this information.

Enjoy your visit. If you know of a workshop that is not listed, contact us and we will add it to our listing asap. If you have comments or suggestion as to how we can make this website an even better resource to meet your professional development needs, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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Masters In Teaching Programs

Keeping pace with this online enrollment trend the Esteves School of Education at The Sage Colleges in Troy, New York is preparing highly effective leaders, educators, teachers, school counselors and clinicians who support, encourage and create learning environments that meet the learning needs of all students; who strive to include students with disabilities with all necessary supports; who value diversity; who are reflective; and who are knowledgeable about best practices by offering a variety of degree and certificate programs online.

Click here for a complete listing of Sage online degree and certificate programs.

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